In our busy, fast-paced lives, we don’t always have time to research the science behind our dietary intake. So it can be hard to isolate why we carry excess fat and other dangerous elements in our bodies.

The Supercharged Hormone Diet is an accelerated hormone diet that promotes eating the right foods at the right times to fuel your fat-burning hormones. By selecting the best supplements to support your hormones, this diet will assist you to combat toxic weight gain and skincare products.

The high protein, high fiber program begins to restore hormonal balance by your very first meal. It’s a well-rounded program that includes practical and effective tips for sleeping, exercising and tracking your wellness goals with a four-week meal plan. It gives you exactly what you need: a quick-start, 30-day plan to restore your metabolism – and your health.

Here are some of the main elements of the diet:

» Focus on equal amounts of protein and carbohydrates at each meal.
» Cut sugar completely. Eating often and eating only low glycemic carbohydrates keep insulin levels low. Low insulin levels promote fat loss.
» Focus on choosing body products free of toxic chemicals that could be related to illnesses, such as breast cancer.
» Consume whey protein powder to stay lean and strong. Whey is proven to be more effective for fat loss than meat protein. And, it is a source of glutathione, the body’s most potent antioxidant.

Dr. Natasha Turner is author of The Supercharged Hormone Diet.

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