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For years I struggled with self-image. It was hard for me to go to social outings, or to participate in family get-togethers because I knew I would have the dreaded discussion with myself about what to wear. I knew I would be disappointed with how I looked. I would constantly tell myself I wasn’t good enough for myself, my friends, family and even my husband. I would wear big sweaters and stretchy pants because I felt I didn’t look good in any pair of jeans.

I turned to fitness in an attempt to improve my physical appearance. To this day, I work hard at this, but my perception and the reasoning behind my fitness mindset have changed greatly. I realize now that it is all about empowerment, which by definition is the process of becoming stronger and more confident.

Like many others, my fitness journey started in the summer before I got married. I wanted to look thin and lose weight in order to fit into a dress. I didn’t realize that I would fall so in love with feeling physically strong! I started to love how my body looked because I started to see physical changes, but what I found most liberating was how I started to take on challenges in the gym and strive for personal bests.

Then I decided to take on a new challenge—competing in a bikini contest. I had to push my body not only in the in the physical sense, but also mentally and emotionally. I enjoyed competing because it pushed me in all aspects of my life and helped me realize my true passion: To coach other women and be a part of their lifestyle changes.

I decided to help other women struggling with similar issues to realize their potential—to assist them on their journey to health, wellness and, most importantly, self-love. Empowering women to better themselves in all aspects of their lives, not just their physical appearance, became a huge part of my life.

Working as a registered nurse and a health and wellness coach, I am blessed with the opportunity to facilitate change and self-improvement for women of all ages. So many women come to me with the goal of losing weight, but discover ways to become stronger in all aspects of their lives. It’s a hard transition to make but once they start a routine and put supports in place, a healthy lifestyle becomes so much more attainable!

Over the course of my journey I realized that the fitness lifestyle bleeds into every aspect of life. I didn’t realize my relentless pursuit of a fit body would enhance so many other elements of my day-to-day activities. Physical activity creates an element of empowerment.

As a person becomes more physically fit, they in turn become more confident and their outlook on life becomes brighter. As a person pursues a physical fitness goal, they realize other goals in life are achievable.

This empowerment brings confidence. There is a sense of freedom. Relationships improve, as do career goals and job satisfaction. Living a life of health and wellness, you learn discipline, determination and dedication.

My journey led me to the Mrs. Canada Globe competition in Regina, Saskatchewan last spring. I landed the Mrs. Saskatchewan delegacy title and was thrilled to share my empowering message with the nation.

The March 2017 event had a preliminary and final round, where Mrs. Canada Globe was crowned. All proceeds went towards SOFIA House in Regina, a safe place for women and children affected by domestic abuse. The Mrs. Canada Globe organization was founded by Dr. Tracy Kemble in 1996. It is a long-standing event that has produced one of the most celebrated international pageants for “Mrs.’s” in the world. It is the celebration and the empowerment of women of all ages, cultures and heritage. It supports charities geared towards women and welcomes the beauty of the female spirit.

The “Mrs.” aspect of the event means the women entering the contest can be married, separated or divorced. Generally, the organization is about empowering women whether they are independent or have a partner at the time.

Through this organization, Kemble also founded the Women in Need foundation, a safe place for women to overcome abuse, enhance self-esteem and create their own destinies.

The Mrs. Canada Globe organization allowed me to reach more women who struggle with body image, self confidence and self actualization. My mission is to inspire women of all ages to be the best version of themselves, to follow their dreams and set goals that will enhance their lives. It is my hope and belief that through my continual interaction with women that the understanding of what it means to be a woman in this society can be enhanced and nurtured.

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Holly is a registered nurse with a passion for nutrition. She is an online coach, providing custom nutrition plans and workouts and a two-time UFE world champion bikini competitor.

Facebook: Holly Weselowski UFE Pro

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