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5 ways to zap negativity

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Before you go to a restaurant you fill your brain with positive thoughts of how delicious your meal will be and how you can’t wait for your plate to arrive so you can devour it. So, why can’t we have the same positive, happy thoughts about the gym? Why do we feel like going to the gym is punishment for what we ate? Try to do the same thing before you go to the gym. Make the gym your happy place, by allowing happy thoughts to conquer your mind.

Photo by Nine Köpfer on Unsplash

Think of the gym the same way you think of your burger. Give yourself positive thoughts about everything in your life as much as you can. As humans we can be deep thinkers. Our thoughts can take us very far. So why not control these thoughts and make them positive?

Top 5 ways to fight negativity

Here are five positive thoughts about going to the gym:

1. It’s your “me” time. Being alone is very helpful. When you spend time alone you learn more about your body and how to love yourself. You also learn about what exercises you love and don’t love without anyone’s help.

2. The more you work out, the more you can challenge yourself to do better not only at the gym, but at everything in life.

3. You start feeling healthier and you gain more confidence.

4. Your energy increases, which allows you to do more things throughout the day. Goodbye laziness!

5. Finally, you learn coping strategies. Going to the gym is a great way to cope. Whether you’re sad, stressed or bored, the gym can be the perfect place to rid all of theses issues.

Remember, you’re not at the gym to torture yourself. The gym should be your happy place. Take it one step at a time. Teaching yourself to think positively can help you achieve almost anything in life.

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Author: Name Ramadan is a Canadian freelance writer and fitness fanatic. She occasionally writes articles for Optimyz print and digital editions.


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