My love for adventure and traveling came full circle when I went on a media trip to Switzerland this past spring. As a skier, it’s been a dream of mine to go to the Alps. I had no idea however, that I would fall in love with the people and culture of Switzerland.

When I arrived in Geneva, I had a 4-hour train ride along Lake Geneva with vineyards, mountains, amazing architecture, small villages and beautiful landscapes all around. My first destination was Zermatt, a small ski and mountaineering village framed by the most photographed mountain in the world — The Matterhorn.

Greeted by my tour guide upon exiting the train, I was taken to my hotel to check-in, then given a tour of Zermatt. My 4-days in Zermatt consisted of incredible skiing, sight-seeing, amazing cuisine, awesome night-life (sometimes too awesome), unique shops and Après-ski bars (after ski).

Another great thing about Zermatt — no cars.

The beauty of Zermatt will never be forgotten, but the people are what made the trip even more memorable. Given that it’s a small ski village, the people are all very easy-going and friendly. No one seems to be in a rush and always walk around with a smile on their faces. All you have to do is look around you- what’s not to smile about?

I will share a quick story.

I was riding solo on the t-bar, when I was joined by a local gentlemen from Bern (a few hours away). He was delighted that I was from Canada and for the next 15mins he was determined to share as much Switzerland knowledge with me as possible.

One of the tidbits of information that stuck with me was that the famous Swiss-created Toblerone chocolate bar got its shape from the Matterhorn!

See you soon, Zermatt.

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