Ivan Nickerson and his fiancee Jennifer get fit and trim in preparation for their August wedding. Read about Week 1 and 2.

Week 3: There is only one word to sum up this week… irritable. The lack of sugar finally got to us and I don’t think we have ever been crankier! We began to wonder whether this wedding would even take place! (just kidding!) We remained focused on our SFL healthy eating program and faithfully went to the gym for our workouts. Ivan discovered that boiled eggs quickly lose their appeal and now loves to have fresh fruit smoothies for breakfast. Jen has not yet become a smoothie convert.

Week 4: This week proved to be a struggle due to the delicate balance of work and life. Ivan is the Operations Manager for the Hamachi Group of Restaurants. He spent all week working on the construction site at the new expanded restaurant, Hamachi Kita. While attending the gym was an impossibility, the solid nutrition principles of SFL proved to be very effective and we saw our best results yet at our weekly weigh in. This week, due to our hectic work schedule, we ran low on groceries and one morning Ivan found himself substituting carrots for fresh fruit in his smoothie.

Week 5: With the weather becoming warmer and the evenings longer, we have taken our workouts to Point Pleasant Park. Joining us these days, is our 8 month old puppy, Max, who according to our vet, is 2 pounds overweight. It seems that we have been treating him too frequently as a result of not treating ourselves enough lately… The three of us enjoy running on the newly mulched running trails in the park. The smell of fresh wood chips and spring air is very refreshing. The results of our last 4 weeks of work became apparent as we jogged around the park for the first time this week. Six months ago, this would have been impossible for us to do. When we first got Max, Ivan could barely keep up with Jen even on a horizontal walking surface during their power walk. Now jogging the park is much easier for us and more rewarding.

We are continuing to see results, and many people have been noticing andcommenting on our progress. We are 2 months away from the wedding and are feeling confident that we will reach and surpass our goals. To date, we have lost a combined total of 36 pounds, and have about 15 more pounds to lose in order to reach our SFL goal. Jen felt that there was light at the end of the tunnel during this weeks weigh in, when our SFL consultant introduced Jello 60 calorie chocolate pudding cups into the menu.

We expect that our weekly weight loss will begin to decrease and it will become more difficult to achieve large weekly losses. In saying this, we expect to see more toning in our muscles, and increased physical endurance.

Stay tuned, folks!

Read about Week 1 and 2.

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