Fitness in the big city

If you’re in the fitness industry, nothing is more inspiring than attending a leading conference and trade show in your field. The OptiMYz crew hit Toronto to attend the Can-Fit-Pro conference and meet the leaders of this leading personal trainer certfication company and its parent firm, GoodLife Fitness. It was a trip in more ways than one. The line-up of speakers and exhibitors was outstanding, as were the delegates themselves.

I met Olympic medallists, international experts, and purveyors of leading edge products and services to the wellness industry. There group classes for hundreds of instructors. The energy was electic. it was a blast!

A few highlights:

Keynote speaker Mike Lipkin who said the audience represents the life force who love their profession is this age of anxiety; how they help clients become fit so they can be resilient, disciplined and attain their goals.

Discussing the future of the industry with David Patchell-Evans, founder of GoodLife, and his fiancee, rowing champion Silken Laumann. 

Interviewing Fitness Professional of the Year Theresa Carriere who after surviving breast cancer formed and raised $178k for breast cancer research. She calls breast cancer an epidemic. “After 20 years with GoodLife, fitness is who I am,” she told me.

Listening to Paul Chek speak about functional exercise and the link between mind and body. He wants people to train for the activities and sports in their lives; there is no one size fits all approach; how kids love to move but eat crappy food; how most people are funtionally handicapped and cannot do many everyday activities with ease; how physical freedom leads to emotional and cognitive freedom. 

Meeting Moses “Eagle” James, a champion boxer demonstrating the Kangoo spring-loaded shoe; and Robert Kennedy, publisher of many fitness magazines and one of the founders of the modern industry, who still works out regularly; and his wife Tosca Reno, author of the best selling Eat Clean Diet.

Not to mention watching hundreds of Taoist Tai Chi practitioners demonstrating their art in a square in downtown Toronto. And working out in the gym and swimming in our hotel, the Grand. Fitness is everywhere. You just have to look.

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