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Creative uses for kinesiology tape

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Durable, stretchy kinesiology tape isn’t just for pro athletes! The breathability and stay-stuck power of this tape make it perfect for solving a host of problems. Kine- siology tape is meant for improving healing and movement, as directed by your healthcare professional. Different applications of kinesiology tape can be used for different complaints, like plantar fasciitis, shin splints, or tennis elbow—but that’s not it’s only use. Here are a few alternative ways you can use it.

How to use kinesiology tape

* Prevent chafing and blisters: Cover areas prone to irritation (like the bra line, heels or toes) to protect your skin.

* MacGyver a bra: Go strapless and fearless by using kinesiology tape to hold everything in place. If you’ve ever used tape from the hardware store on your body (à la Kim Kardashian), then this trick is for you.

* Keep a Band-Aid secure: Apply a Band-Aid as you normally would, then cover over the area with a strip of tape to ensure it stays on. Be sure to avoid placing the tape directly on broken skin.

* Protect your skin while weight- lifting: Whether you have calluses or not, sometimes you just need a little extra protection to lift comfortably. If weightlifting is tearing up your hands, experiment with hand-taping methods.

* Improve your gear: Close a pocket, secure your headphone cord, or make an emergency shoe repair— depending on the stickiness of your tape, it can also be used on fabric. Throw some in your bag in case of clothing crises.

* Secure a glucose monitor: Con- tinuous glucose monitors are an incredible tool that lets diabetics check their blood sugar without a finger prick. Several brands of kinesiology tape make pre-cut tape specifically to hold these monitors on comfortably. As always, the tape can stay put for days through exercise and showers.

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Author: Jocelyn Spence is a graphic designer and was lead designer for Optimyz Magazine. She regularly contributed articles for print and digital. She’s an active runner as well.


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