Fitterfirst X Travel Roller | Top 3 Best Foam Rolling Exercise Techniques

Join Arysta as she reveals some of the top foam rolling exercise techniques to maximize your self-therapy, myofasical release using the Travel Roller Kit!

Restore Strong, Pain Free Feet with Fitterfirst Maple Balance Beams

Fitterfirst Maple Balance Beams are great for stretching, relieving foot pain, improving balance, ankle strength and foot flexibility.
These beams will help restore your feet back to being strong and pain free.

Which Fitterfirst Slant Board is Right for You?

The Fitterfirst Adjustable Slant Board is an effective stretching device for performance enhancement, injury prevention, and rehabilitation particularly for the legs. It increases flexibility and reduces tightness. This incline board is designed to target and stretch the arch, calf, hamstring, and hip muscles and is suited for use in a clinic, club, or at home.


Pro Fitter

The Pro Fitter 3D Cross Trainer Helps you Perform Better & Reduce Risk of Injuries

Suitable for all ages and abilities with tons of exercises to improve strength and achieve better balance, coordination and overall agility! If you want to maintain an active lifestyle with greater confidence and fewer injuries, the Pro Fitter is for you.

Backnobber II

Fast and Effective Relief Through Self-Massage

The Backnobber® II is a must have for anyone with muscle-related tension in their back. It allows you to cater the amount of pressure you apply to muscle knots and trigger points to your needs, so that you get the most effective release possible.

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