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About six years ago I drew a picture of my book peeking out from a shelf at Chapters Indigo. It was right there, in among the works of my favourite thinkers, with only the title, Be Feel Think Do running the length of the spine. I placed the image on a vision board I had created to help focus my energy on the manifestation of my book.

I chose that moment because it represented the wish completely fulfilled. I know enough about being an author to know that my wish would entail many great experiences: a book deal, years of writing and editing, a launch, press tours and more. All of would precede that quiet moment in the bookstore when I casually noticed my book looking back at me.

I created my vision board well before I had a contract with Hay House and years before I knew that my dream could be a reality. The setting of my image was an event that would take place well after the hard work and excitement of creating and marketing a book. I didn’t want to create a vision of my life where I was perpetually on tour or working toward a deadline with my editor. I wanted a different feeling.

Feeling a wish fulfilled is to be able to experience the emotion of being in that future moment. If you can’t feel the feeling, then it might be that your intention is intellectually driven or externally referenced and not your soul’s true calling.

Let go and open yourself up to new possibilities, to the authentic calling of your soul. You will be amazed at what shows up when you make space in your heart and mind for your true desires. Don’t worry about letting go of the wrong burning desire. If it’s yours, it will come back. Your soul’s calling is very persistent. Once it is in your awareness, it is hard to ignore. It will be the one thing you can’t let go of.

Our desire can feel so big and important we often feel that we are not worth it—that we don’t deserve our dream. This is natural and it is important to work through this feeling. For most people, this is overcome through deep personal work meant to remove limiting beliefs and barriers around self-worth. As we peel back layers and get closer to the core of who we are, our light shines brighter, with increased clarity and focus. It’s a process and there is no set timeline for how long the work takes, so be patient with yourself and have faith that it’s absolutely worth it.

When we put our attention on the burning desire inside of ourselves—our enthusiastic impulse, we experience how it feels to know that we are here for something bigger. When we align that impulse with our single-point focus, we give that purpose tremendous power and take a step closer to manifestation. Single-point focus means bringing our attention to the outcome every single day, to hold the image and feeling of the wish fulfilled in our awareness on a daily basis so we are not distracted by other paths. We are telling the universe that we are serious about our dream, we mean business and we are ready to create it.

Emotion is the universal language of manifestation, the driver of dreams. Allow the feeling of your wish fulfilled to guide the choices you make; let it be your compass. If you can’t feel it, don’t do it. Be fearless and permit yourself to fail. Never let failure stop you. It is a necessary step on the creative path. Simply recheck your compass and move on. Go forth with confidence because in many ways you’ve already arrived.

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Author: Anne Bérubé, PhD is a spiritual coach and the author of Be Feel Think Do: A Memoir. You can connect with her and find mediations, teachings and other free stuff on her website.


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