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From skinny fat to fit & fabulous!

So you decided you want to work out and get in shape? What does that mean to you? What type of physique are you looking for and how much work are you willing to put into it to look better than average?

It amazes me how many people look for the “easy” button on their lifestyle journey, the quick fix if you will. They really don’t want to sweat, push hard and work for it, so they follow a lightweight, ho hum approach that promises the world with “three earth shaking moves.” It won’t work and it won’t help them be their best physically and mentally.

Women especially have been boxed into a tight corner with paltry 5-pound weights and fluff routines that wouldn’t put muscle on a poodle. So they end up with a skinny-fat physique, as in being chubby but not taking up much space. Or in other words, being close to their target weight, but soft all over. And let me just state here, sweating your butt off does not necessarily mean you will earn muscle. Just check out You Tube to see thousands of videos of people doing this, but still not displaying impressive physiques.

On the other hand, working out with weights creates strength and reduces body fat, as well as overall weight. That means eventually picking up weights heavier than ten pounds. It can be done, and it won’t bulk you out! But it sculpts a strong, lean physique with some actual lean muscle, and ladies, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Don’t go overboard though. Keep the workouts intense; yet short, to avoid the release of cortisol while increasing HGH. Forty-five minutes or less of exercise is usually the sweet spot to aim for. After that, you are about 2-4 months away from a complete transformation.

As a last tip, don’t make the mistake of trying to create a calorie deficit through exercise. Body fat is best lost in the kitchen, with clean food, while burning additional calories with exercise.

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