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“Smart” clothing is trending. Are you ready?

You’ve got a smartphone and maybe a smartwatch or fitness tracker. They’re connected to each other and maybe to your computer too. So how about SmartClothes? Connecting your bra, leggings or tops to your smartphone to even better track your activities? Such connected garments first hit the market in 2015, but have yet to go fully mainstream.

Companies like Adidas, Nike and Levi’s among new startups are looking to change that.

How about smart yoga pants that can track how long you hold a pose, how well you move and build your history as you improve? The Nadi X yoga pants can do this and have little haptic vibrations at the knees and ankles to help guide your movements.

Canadian company OMSignal has developed a special sports bra, everyday bra and sleep camisole with medical grade sensors. They can help you track your sleep cycles all the way through to your fitness activity.

Then there’s the Thin Ice vest you can wear that will automatically cool you down as it senses when you’re getting too hot. Or the Polar Team pro shirt that will track your running with a GPS device and measure your cardio activity.

These are all products on the market today and more are on their way. But do you really need them? It really depends on how much you want to track your activity. The more serious you are with your fitness routine, the more likely you’ll find a benefit. Combining SmartClothes with your smartwatch or tracker and smartphone means you can get very detailed performance measurements.

Right now these clothes can be expensive, ranging from $99 for the Lumo Run shorts and capris for runners all the way up to $400 for Levi’s sensor filled jean jacket. Almost all are machine washable, but do take some special care. Oh, and for $199 you can get a pair of really cool smart socks. It’s more than likely that most of us will have at least one or two smart garments hanging in our closets in the next few years!


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