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Go with your gut; using your intuition

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In this fast-paced world it is easy to feel confused, overwhelmed or lost. But don’t despair—you have an innate, internal compass to guide you through these hectic times. It’s called intuition.

Intuition is instinct. It expresses itself constantly by way of symptoms and signals in your body. If you pay attention to these signs you can find insight and answers to all sorts of questions you may have.

These “gut feelings” are signposts on the road to fulfillment. They can help us become healthier and happier and it is a vital part of harmonizing body, spirit and soul.

It is your inner compass leading you to truth, consciousness and more love. It will help you live an authentic life. Intuition is connect-ed with inspiration and can lead you to realize a more balanced and vibrant life experience. It is always there to support our well being, but do we listen to it? When did your intuition help guide you to a healthier outcome?

Intuition is innate, unlimited, transformative and free and yet many of us don’t use it to its full potential. When we combine intuition with human intellect, emotion and action, we increase our ability to have clear insight and heal.

In order to make sure we aren’t ignoring our intuition, first we need to learn how to receive those messages.

Your body is fully equipped to be whole-some, happy and intuitively on target! It is a compass that gives clarity to your life path. Listening to intuition allows your heart to unveil its clarity.

Ignoring intuition often leads to regrets. Neglecting intuitive signals can create blocks or hardship. Even the act of ignoring is a burden, as you waste energy fighting what your body, your instincts are trying to tell you. Trust your instincts—they are yours, after all, and have the intelligence to understand what is best for you.

The inner compass of life connects us to the honest flow of our hearts. This is healthy and extremely energizing. Intuition causes us to confront, and thereby transforms, our obstacles, challenges and pain but only if we decide to listen.

Note: you don’t need to be a spiritual or religious person in order to connect with your intuition. It is a very natural part of life. In fact, very little effort is required to access all of the treasures, guidance and peace that await you. So be full of courage, bravery and love as you explore your truth.

1. Allow yourself to enjoy breathing, laughter, happiness and love.
2. Actively open a dialogue between you and your intuition by literally greeting and acknowledging it daily.
3. Practice asking your intuition questions for which you seek clearly. It can be as simple as, “should I eat a banana or an apple?”
4. Without judgement, notice the immediate answer. It may not always make sense but it is crucial that you practice not judging the immediate information, simply notice the answer.
5. How did the answer arrive to you? Was it a thought, feeling, vision, or an inner voice? It can also appear through objects, pictures, words, songs etc. that stand out or capture your attention significantly even if for a split second. Notice what captures your attention.
6. A clean body and environment aids in developing your intuition. Eat natural, whole foods, stay hydrated with water, get sufficient rest and keep your body flexible and exercised. Meditation, energy healing, yoga and other healing modalities assist in creating clarity, health and relaxation in your nervous system. This strengthens your senses and connection to consciousness.
7. Spending time in nature centers and grounds one’s energy. This creates healthy flow, reduces the effects of stress and strengthens connection with the Universe, which assists in developing intuitive abilities.
8. Being honest with yourself balances energy and invites freedom into your life.


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Keri-Lynn Calp is a leader in the field of intuition, wellness, body awareness and energy healing. Her passion is huge for guiding people to realizing their consciousness and potential. The other half of Keri-Lynn’s world is art and film. She is an artist and producer of films often focused on sharing stories of health and wellness.


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