Sometimes you need to shake things up in your life. Try something new. That’s why I’ve decided to embark on a one-month Vegan diet. Starting February 1st, and ending February 29th (maybe).

For some people, eating a Vegan diet is no big deal. Some do it because they don’t believe in eating things that once were a living creature. Some do it purely for health benefits.

So why am I doing it?

Over the last few months I’ve read articles, books, listened to people and watched documentaries on individuals who don’t eat meat, dairy or eggs. In every single case I’ve heard the same conclusion: Eating plant based foods is simply healthier for you. Vegans are so passionate about this, like they’ve unlocked the key to one of life’s greatest secrets.

In our society, subscribing to this kind of diet is almost frowned upon. We are taught at a young age that we need meat in our diet for protein and iron, dairy for calcium and so on. But is this really the case? Aren’t there other ways to get these nutrients? And could it be possible that eating animal based foods is actually bad for you?

So as I embark on this short one-month journey, I’m doing it mostly out of curiosity. How will this effect my health? How will my friends and family react? How difficult will it be? Will I like it?

I’m not alone on this journey. I’m consulting a dietitian, who will help make sure I’m getting all the proper nutrients from my plant-based diet. I’ve also reached out to a Naturopathic Doctor to perform various tests at the start and end of the month.

I will be blogging and bringing my video camera along for the ride. Should be interesting.

Thanks to:
Krista Leck Merner, RD Bent Fork Nutrition
Dr. Tara Lapointe ND Natural Path Wellness Centre

Taking notes from the master- Krista Leck Merner, RD Getting some help from Krista at the grocery store

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