Guess What?! You’re Already the Best!

For the past month I’ve been experiencing tightness in my hip and back. After a consultation with my physiotherapist, he connected it to some sports movements I had been doing. As we discussed my training program, he said, “you still train like you’re an athlete preparing for a game. You are already fit and conditioned – why keep pushing for the next level by doing such intense workouts?”

Why indeed?

As I’ve mentioned before, training intensely played a huge role in the development of my knee condition. While I am – believe it or not! – more careful now, I am still trying to push myself to the next level. Lately, I’ve been wondering: why can’t I just give myself a break and be proud of the level I have already attained?

Do you push yourself in an area of your own life? Maybe you push yourself to be the best Mom or the best executive at your job. Or maybe you push yourself to maintain the perfect nutrition plan week after week. Ask yourself if you really need to be pushing yourself so hard. Could you already be succeeding and not giving yourself enough credit and support?

Remember that there are times when our bodies will simply not be able to perform at the high standard our minds demand. Life’s elements interfere and sometimes the energy and mental concentration required for a task – whether with fitness or work, etc. – is simply not there. It’s during these times that we must take care of ourselves and simply cut ourselves a break.

This brings to mind a quote OptiMYz tweeted on their twitter feed about self love:

“Get a good picture of yourself. Only of you. Frame it. Put it up on the wall! You are great. Be proud of yourself. :-)” 

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could look at ourselves in the mirror and think “I am great and I’ve accomplished a great deal.” The stress and the need to pressure ourselves would fall away. And we’d probably have better days and better workouts.

So the next time you hear that voice that tells you that you have to be stronger, better, smarter, etc., think: “I am already those things.”

Maybe, just maybe, you’re already the best! =)


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