Last night was the most boring New Year’s Eve I can remember — but it was satistfying too, and a fitting way to ease out of 2008. I picked up lobsters at the last minute and my wife and daughter and I polished off one each. My daughter went off with friends to a big bash. She wasn’t impressed by the drinking and all round chaos, and the coat check lost many articles including her new coat.

My wife and I were in bed by 10 pm — having done no socializing and taken not a single drink. Outside a blizzard raged. After breakfast we did some tidying up and she creamed me at Scrabble. In the afternoon I shovelled for hours. The show was fluffy and light and though it was windy and still snowing it was actually fun. I had a great chat with a neighbour about politics, natural resources, and the wilderness.

Back inside my wife had made a large meal. Our friend Carrie came to stay. She leaves for university in Norway on Saturday. My father was from Norway and we have relatives there.

And I did quite a bit of work in my study. Now the house is tidy, we have a friend visiting, the driveways are shovelled, and I feel good. No hangover. 2008 exits stage left. It was a strange year. A lot of ups and downs. My father died. My wife and I visited our daughter in Sweden and visited relatives in Norway, friends in France, and Germany too. OptiMYz had a successful year one.

OptiMYz Live is coming  soon. Welcome to 2009! 

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