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Today’s headlines are filled with stories that chronicle a broken medical system. Some people receive good care, but modern medicine seems not to cure them, allow them to heal or even eliminate their pain and suffering. Sometimes alternative healthcare is found to be only mildly beneficial.

This leads to the question: What if there was another way, one so simple and easy that it defies present day belief? A method so effective that many chronic health conditions and emotional traumas could be eliminated, sometimes virtually immediately?

This is not a futuristic scenario. It’s known internationally as Reconnective Healing, a remarkable new transformative paradigm in healing that has been learned by more than 60,000 people around the world. It’s the cutting edge of what researchers are calling “Information Medicine.”

It connects with scientifically documented frequencies that are often credited with bringing about a state of restored health. You can learn how to access these frequencies to heal others, and to heal yourself as well. Stanford Professor Emeritus Dr. William Tiller says that when information carried through these frequencies is introduced, it creates coherence and order. The result: dramatic reports of regeneration instead of degeneration and account after account of seemingly unexplainable, often instantaneous and life-long healings from medically documented cancers, epilepsy, cerebral palsy, arthritis and more.

These bandwidths – comprised of energy, light and information – somehow return the patient to an optimal and appropriate state of balance merely by experiencing or interacting with this healing continuum. The trained Reconnective Healing practitioner simply facilitates the process. By feeling the frequencies and playing with them – an act that appears as if the healer is stretching taffy in the air – physical and emotional health shifts may suddenly come about.

Even the healing practitioner can see the impact on the person receiving Reconnective Healing as the person’s closed eyes flutter and begin to rapidly dart back and forth, fingers or feet move as if of their own volition, even involuntary muscles of the face move in a way that couldn’t happen intentionally. All this occurs even though the practitioner usually isn’t even touching the client. These involuntary body movements – referred to as registers – are a demonstration that the client has entered into a state where healings often occur. The information-laden frequencies reconnect us to our original fullness as human beings and seemingly restore us to a more complete connection with the universe.

Tiller and other scientists such as Dr. Gary Schwartz (University of Arizona) and Dr. Konstantin Korovkov (St. Petersburg Technical University) have been studying Reconnective Healing practitioners and the charged environment that results in the rooms where this work is taught. As a result, these researchers are now measuring and validating the frequencies, and the impact that Reconnective Healing has on humans, plants, water and more.

Dr. Eric Pearl was a successful chiropractor for 12 years before his life transformed when he happened upon Reconnective Healing and his patients began reporting remarkable improvements and recoveries. His book, The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself, has now been published in 36 languages and he teaches people around the globe how to do this work, children as well as mainstream healthcare practitioners. What is especially exciting about this is that it also appears to have benefits to the healer. In other words, as you heal others, you also heal yourself.

Reconnective Healing has given many people the joy of personally helping those they serve, love and care about to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. “I feel deep gratitude for having been the person entrusted to bring Reconnective Healing into the world,“ he says. “But this is not about me. It’s truly about you and your Reconnection to your complete and vital self in this new era of ‘information medicine.’”

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Author: Dr. Eric Pearl is the author of the The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself, now in 36 languages. His organization, The Reconnection, teaches a new paradigm in healthcare, Reconnective Healing, to people around the globe for personal health and professional advancement. For more information on the next Reconnective Healing Seminar in Montreal on March 25-27, Edmonton on June 4-5 and Vancouver on Nov. 12-13, go to or call (323) 960-0012. To see a video clip, visit


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