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Healthy work from home tips

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So many of us in Canada have suddenly found ourselves working from home. It can be a big adjustment, especially if you never had to before or at least very little. It’s also a change for employers, some of whom have to buy laptops and set up new ways of working. Added to this may be that you suddenly find yourself with the kids and your spouse or partner also at home. The kids may need to do schoolwork from home and your partner also has to work.

So it is important to find new approaches to work. Employers too will have to accept that in the short term, productivity may be a little lower. Staying healthy while you’re working from home is important, both physically and mentally. Here are some tips to help you out.

Sleeping Habits

It’s tempting to stay up a little later since maybe you don’t have to worry about commute times. Or hey, that Netflix series is just so good! But it’s important to keep a good sleep schedule. Your body and mind need good sleep and it helps your immune system stay strong.

As work schedules change, you may also find this a great opportunity to grab a short afternoon nap. All you need is 15 to 20 minutes and you’re powered up again! Check out our article on the benefits of napping here.

Healthy Eating

Sometimes it’s okay to treat yourself to a special snack or a pizza, but not every day. Diet also plays a huge role in your immune health and energy levels. And it’s not good etiquette to eat a sandwich or bowl of cereal when you’re on a video conference call with co-workers. Eating lots of fruit and vegetables is great for energy and avoiding the couch potato syndrome!

Set and keep an exercise routine

You don’t need full on gym gear to do a workout. We’ve got some excellent workout routines in our magazines and here on our site. Try for at least 20 minutes a day either in the morning or early evening. Just make a routine.

Set expectations with management

If you’re not a manager, talk with yours and set expectations. Help them understand if you have additional family obligations. If you’re a manager, understand your teams needs. Likely they will vary a bit. Some have kids at home, others don’t or their kids are grown up. The important thing is to focus on desired outcomes rather than defined schedules.

Set expectations with yourself and family

If you’ve got family at home, setting expectations is important. Let them know when there are times that you have to work and if you can, designate a room where you’re set up if you don’t have a home office. Discuss as a family or with your partner. Setting expectations through clear communication is important.

Taking a digital break

Taking some time away from your devices every day is important. From reducing eye strain to just getting a break from notifications and work. This includes social media! Take a good break, read a book, spend some time with your pet, or the kids. Go for a walk. Digital breaks are important too.

More Insights: In this great article we provide some broader staying healthy tips during the pandemic.

Author: Giles Crouch is the group publisher and COO for Optimyz Magazine’ parent brand HUM@Nmedia. He is also a digital anthropologist and has helped companies set up better digital work from home strategies.


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