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If you have little extra time in your day, consider high intensity interval training. Along with its killer benefits, it also gives you an awesome workout.

The Benefits of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Studies have shown that a mere one minute of high intensity exercise provides health benefits, according to researchers at McMaster University in Canada. These benefits include improved blood glucose levels and increased endurance. Therefore, whether you are a busy mother, have a hectic work schedule or are a student working flat out preparing for finals, you can embrace your crazy lifestyle, while still incorporating exercise. The benefits of high intensity interval training (HIIT) mean you can factor it into your day without adding too much preparation or pressure to your already busy itinerary.

Why choose HIIT
Aside from the fact that HIIT boosts your metabolic rate that last hours after you have finished the workout, making it an excellent exercise for burning fat and maintaining muscle, it also provides other benefits for both your health and your schedule. The Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends predicted that HIIT would be the most popular workout of 2018 due to its convenience and health factors. The health factors include improved pulmonary and cardiovascular efficiency, since this style of workout reduces issues like high blood pressure, cholesterol levels and obesity. For those with a busy lifestyle, HIIT workouts are the optimal time-saver exercise program. Requiring a minimum of four minutes of your time and no equipment—it is an all-around ideal exercise regime.

Tabata exercise
The tabata system involves doing 20 second bursts of maximum effort exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest. The idea is to pick two compound exercises, meaning an exercise that uses more than one muscle group and do the first exercise in the first 20 seconds and the second exercise in the second 20 seconds and repeat that process four times, amounting to four minutes, including rest periods.

Coming up with ideas for suitable HIIT tabata exercises, understanding the correct form and any associated elements, such as diet, can be time consuming. However, there are monthly subscriptions for just about every interest, including fitness and health, which will help expose you to these items of interest each month that you may not have otherwise had the time to find.

High intensity workouts can comprise of a variety of different types of exercise, such as jumping, lunging and squatting as well as plenty of lower impact exercises if that’s what your body calls for. HIIT, such as tabata, provides the element of flexibility that is crucial for those with busy schedules. Factoring in a four-minute workout is sometimes as much as your day will allow for and occasionally, you might find yourself managing to fit another quick session in later on—or making more time to work out longer. With research proving that every little bit helps, challenging yourself to set aside a few minutes daily to commit to working out will provide a realistic and rewarding goal for you.

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