With quarantine and social distancing causing the closure of many gyms, finding the space and time to exercise has been hard.
This guide will help you stay active and healthy during this tricky time.

CoreChair CoreFit – High Intensity Workout

Lisa Forsyth is a Certified Personal Trainer.
Lisa encourages people to keep moving throughout the workday for better health and wellness.
Here is one of her exercise videos using the CoreChair.

Fitterfirst X Travel Roller | Best Home Gym Workout tips with Travel Roller Kit!

Join Arysta as she demonstrates great tips on foam rolling, trigger point release, activation, stretching and more using the Travel Roller Deluxe Acupressure Kit!









Full body workout with the Lebert EQualizer


  1. Step or jog forward and back over the EQ’s (just saved you $500 on a treadmill ?)
  2. Side shuffle across and over the EQ’s (lift knees and move arms)
  3. EQ mountain climbers (hips down and core tight)
  4. EQ shoulder press (full range of motion)
  5. EQ shoulder press with squat
  6. EQ incline chest press (also shown incline chest press alternating single leg – pick just one)
  7. EQ inverted rows (also shown inverted rows alternating single leg – pick just one)
  8. EQ tricep dips leg assisted (also shown tricep dips with feet up – pick just one)
  9. EQ ab kick outs over and under (also shown between legs – pick just one)
  10. Repeat sequence once more OR move into stretch