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Where do vegans get their protein?

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As a vegan, I am often asked, “where do I get my protein?”

Photo by Rustic Vegan on Unsplash

There’s a big misconception that vegans are starving for protein, vitamins and nutrients. I like trying to help people understand more clearly by referencing animals. Where do animals get their protein? Including huge animals like gorillas and elephants. 

The answer is: They get it from plants. 

You can get all the protein with all the amino acids you need in a day from just four cups of brown rice or a cup of beans. So instead of eating meat of an animal that gained its protein from plants, vegans get their protein directly from plants. 

As highlighted in the movie Game Changers, many top athletes use plant-based foods to power their athletics. Even Venus Williams has moved to plant based. Even Roman gladiators ate a plant based diet.

Choose your protein wisely. Ask yourself, how much do I really need and where is it coming from? 

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Author: Max Brennan is the co-founder and publisher of OptiMYz Media. Brennan’s mantra is to help others be their best. He is a former personal trainer and champion bodybuilder from Chicago, IL now living in Dartmouth, NS, headquarters of OptiMYz Inc.


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