In Challenge lies Opportunity

I am sorry for abandoning this blog these past four months. Life sent me a curve ball and I got thrown out of my usual grove. I’m back with a renewed promise to myself to submit an entry at least once a month.

Incidentally, this blog is about that curve ball. I got a new job.

We often think that the way to personal growth and self-confidence is through a comfortable, nurturing environment with supportive people helping us to excel. While I’d like to believe part of that is true, I’ve also come to realize that real self-growth occurs when you are being challenged.

I believe that it’s during the negative and difficult times that we begin to grow as individuals. During these times we figure out what attitudes we can change. We also discover new parts of our personalities. So much of what we do and how we think is a product of old behaviors and thinking that’s been reinforced for years. It’s during a challenge that we get to stretch these attitudes, probe them and challenge them. Are we really not good at something? Or is it just that we’ve convinced ourselves that we are not good at it? Do we really hate a certain task? Or could we actually enjoy it if we tried?

Within challenge is strife, and within the strife is an inner strength we are probably not aware we had. Within challenge is also struggle and discouragement. But within the struggle and discouragement is will and determination to keep pushing forward. In short, we grow stronger during a challenge and when the challenge is over, we’ve changed in ways we never thought possible – for the better.

But back to my new job…. it’s not what I thought and I’ve been discouraged more than I would have liked. But, it’s forced me to get tougher, to stand taller and most of all, to support and believe in myself – something I have been striving for all my life. At the end of the day, these are things I needed to grow and I’m grateful that I got this from the challenge.

So, see your challenge as the ultimate chance for growth. Re-invent yourself and expand who you are through your challenge. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by what a challenge can teach you about yourself.


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