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Jade Mya; Canadian country music star

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Canadian country music sensation Jade Mya keeps her music and fitness on a high note .

If there was one word to best describe Canadian pop country singer and songwriter Jade Mya, it would be passion. It has been fuelling her vocal cords since she was little. Not only is she Canada’s own rising star, but she is also an in-demand fitness model and personality. This multi-talented artist has always had country roots, growing up on a farm in Luskville, Québec, where she was introduced to traditional country music from artists like Tammy Wynette.

Mya’s love for music began at an early age when she sang in school choirs and musicals. “In grade two, I was a “Who” in Dr. Seuss,” she said. In April 2016, she debuted her first single “Make Lightning” and released her first album “Heart-break Country,” including hit song “Lies of the Lonely,” which received over 220,000 views on Vine (now defunct) and over 40 million media impressions across Canada, catching the attention of renowned international record producer Justin Gray, who is now working with Mya on her latest album.

Recently, Mya signed a contract with Independent Label Services Group (ILS), a Toronto-based international entertainment distributor and marketing company for Caroline International, a division of Universal Music Group. “I am looking forward to tour the world and connect with everyone,” said Mya. ILS Group has also worked with other talented Canadian artists like Gino Vanelli.

Mya is passionate about story telling and writing songs about hope and heartbreak that people can relate to. Her favourite place to write and get inspired is in the living room watching television with her partner Rob. “I am in my happy place when he is near me,” she said. “He motivates all of what I do.”

Her love for fitness began by doing laps at the school track, but Mya got a real taste for her love of fitness when she started participating and winning trophies in fitness shows in the States. Despite her busy music career she still manages to find time to work out four to five times a week. “I do a gym workout using resistance bands and I do four sets of 25 working on my glutes and quads. My total workout is one hour and 15 minutes,” she said. “I find fitness therapeutic.”

Exercising and doing cardio often really helps Mya maintain her energy onstage. “I usually work on cardio because it helps with my performance,” she said. In the warmer months, her favourite cardio workout is rollerblading. In the gym, she prefers the Stairmaster or Stepmill. “I avoid doing any heavy lifting before a show, as it can leave me tense,” she said.

After a good workout, Mya loves to drink green shakes. On weekends, Mya admits she cheats on her diet sometimes. “I will indulge in a waffle cone, but it is really all about balance,” she said. “Find a diet and fitness regime that works for you.”

Jade’s fitness tips

  • Stay hydrated with plenty of water.
  • A resistance band is great for adding intensity to
    your glute workout.
  • Drink veggie shakes to help stay lean.
  • Never skip breakfast. Eating is an important factor in
    any fitness routine.
  • Incorporate digestible carbs in your diet throughout the week.

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Author: Christine Blanchette is a freelance writer for Optimyz Magazine print and digital issues and sometimes helps with editing.


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