Keep belly fat at bay

Certain herbs and spices can minimize unhealthy weight gain as we age.


Numerous studies presented over the last few years have made an astonishing discovery, not only is stomach fat unsightly, it can predispose many of us to life threatening conditions, like diabetes and heart disease.

It was once believed that a byproduct of getting older was that our metabolic hormone insulin begins to malfunction and our incidence of type-2 diabetes rises. According to research presented in the journal Metabolism in 2003, insulin problems do not increase in association with aging, but instead because of increased belly fat.

Research now confirms that one of the best predictors of overall disease lies within and around our waist. The new standards to be aware of are as follows:

A man’s ideal waist measurement should be below 36 inches and a woman’s should be below 35 inches. Anything above these circumferences greatly increases the person’s likelihood of experiencing various health problems.

A major area of research over the last few years has concentrated on the fact that our male and female hormones play a large roll in how much belly fat we accumulate through age.

The amazing reality is that our sex hormones can also be negatively affected by other factors present in our pesticides, plastics, food supplies and environment, which become lodged within our fat cells. These compounds with names like organochlorines, environmental estrogens or endocrine disrupters are believed to be directly linked to the dreaded “weight loss plateau” that too many of us seem to experience when trying to lose excess weight.

As we age, the majority of us experience ever-increasing imbalances in our hormonal profiles. The end result is diminished youth, energy, vitality, muscular size and strength, and an ever-increasing waistline.


As women age, they begin to feel the debilitating effects of what is now referred to as Estrogen-dominance – a condition in which healthful estrogens (16-hydroxy estrone) are pushed out of the way by unhealthy estrogens (2-hydroxy estrone). This disruptive hormone process is responsible for many of the conditions women attribute to perimenopause and menopause – including weight gain.

Men also notice disruptive hormone balance as they age. Men can often experience the debilitating effects of lower testosterone and higher estrogen levels, a condition that is not only represented by excess belly fat, but also through various prostate problems.

Many of us experience the negative side of hormone imbalance as we pack on the extra pounds through aging, but there are things we can do to reverse it.

Hormonal fidelity can often be repaired through a program of proper diet, exercise and naturally proven, scientifically validated herbs, flavonoids, spices and vegetable extracts .

In fact, some of these ingredients, like Indole-3-carbinol and Curcumin, have been shown through research to help reduce the risk of various cancers, including breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men. Others, such as Milk Thistle and Sulforaphane, can boost your body’s immunity and help it detoxify the environmental contributors to weight gain.

Given that men and women have different genetic profiles and that they manufacture, use, and store fat differently, it makes sense, biochemically that male and female bodies should be supplemented in a different manner.

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