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The time we spend hunched in front of a screen is a real health liability. The paradigm shift we face is how to turn that time into a healthy asset. We get 24 hours a day in life: let’s use them all wisely.

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Incorporating functional movement into the work environment is so easy and the health gains are massive: better core stability, balance, confidence and up to a 46% increase in workplace productivity, according to a study at Texas A&M. When you leave an “active office” your energy is higher, you feel more confident, rejuvenated and ready to take on the world.

As my friend Joan Vernikos, PhD and author of Sitting Kills – Moving Heals, says, “Just be aware you are moving less than you used to. The best kind of movement to correct this condition is to stimulate your balance organs in your inner ear by changing your posture often. The key is to just keep moving.”

My life journey lead to the four pillars that Fitterfirst is built upon. Each of these pillars was developed to help me succeed through the various chapters of my life:

I. Injury & Prevention – In my 20s I was injured. My goal was to regain my health.

II. Athletics & Training – In my 30s I pursued ski racing. The goal was to do my personal best as a national team athlete.

III. Family Fitness – In my 40s I wanted to help my kids to grow up healthy, active and able to make the most of their own skill sets.

IV. Active Office – In my 50s, I applied all I had learned to my workplace that helps me stay active and enjoying a great quality of life.

Each of us has different wants, desires and goals. One thing we take for granted is the need to maintain balance in our daily lives. Not just between work and home life, or kids and personal time, but the innate balance that allows our body to function successfully within the “gravity-based environment” we live in. I encourage folks to “master the art of aging, gracefully!” The alternative is to age ungracefully — or to be dead; neither are attractive options.

There are many important things we will learn in the future about the process of aging. I feel the simplest lesson is to watch the movement of a mother with a baby. Her hips shift from side to side and her head remains upright and square on her shoulders. I call it the human way. Maintaining a good relationship with gravity is a golden rule of life. Stand up straight, move often. If you use it, you will not lose it!

In closing, I will introduce my best friend, S.A.M.: practice Stability in daily living to improve Agility at play and to enhance Mobility for life.

The fact is that time and gravity will have its way with us. To maximize your success, create a daily blueprint that incorporates as much movement as possible into your routine. With the benefits of a stronger core, better balance and more confidence, you will be better equipped to take on and enjoy more of life’s wonderful opportunities — now and in the future!

Louis Stack is the founder of Fitterfirst, which designs, manufactures and distributes Balance Training products for the wellness, fitness and rehab industries.

This article has been provided and sponsored by Fitterfirst, please visit for more details and information.

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