Evening Primrose Oil

Nature’s solution for dry skin and hormonal balance. BENEMAX Health & Wellness Evening Primrose Oil provides 1000mg of this incredible natural oil in a plant-based fast acting, high absorption softgels.

Liquid Chlorophyll

An all-natural concentrate of liquid chlorophyll that is great on the go and
in a convenient 30mL squeeze bottle. Just 10 drops and you have a cup of delicious and refreshing Chlorophyll Water.

Borage Oil

Nature’s Highest Potency source of GLA, this plant-based oil is known for its ability to reduce inflammation in skin and improve skin quality. All in a plant-based softgel that is fast acting and high absorption.

Natural Vitamin E

Powerful antioxidant for your skin and overall health, our ALL NATURAL Vitamin E stands alone. Made entirely from safflower plants and NOT petroleum like our competitors. Make the NATURAL choice.