About one in 10 Canadians experience chronic pain. We can help! Click here to read some of our testimonials.

Epsomgel™  Pain Relief Solution

Epsomgel effectively relieves pain and inflammation to keep you active.
A unique water based solution that absorbs quickly and is non irritating
for everyday use.

MagSol™ Magnesium Sulfate Solution

Perfect for people who want the benefits of Epsom salt but, don’t have tubs, don’t have time or don’t like to take a bath. Apply over large areas of skin after a shower or before bed. Massage in until dry. MagSol massages right in and leaves skin soft and supple. It’s mild natural fragrance dissipates quickly.

Athlete Recovery™ Bath

From gardeners to professional athletes, rejuvenating essential oils and Natural Epsom Salt (magnesium sulfate) leaves bathers with a relaxed and soothed sense of well-being.

Essential oils; Lavender flower oil, Sweet Birch oil, Clary Sage oil, Fir Needle oil, Himalayan Cedarwood oil, Geranium oil

Triple Lavender™ Bath

Formulated with three varieties of Lavender, Natural Epsom Salt (magnesium sulfate), and four skin nourishing essential oils. Triple Lavender leaves skin with a healthy look and feel.

Essential oils; Lavender flower oil, Spike Lavender flower oil, Lavindin flower oil, Himalayan Cedarwood oil, Texas Cedarwood oil, Ylang Ylang flower oil, Benzoin oil