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Spiritual growth is not a seamless path. Often it comes to us when we least expect it and when we feel least prepared.

It is often said in spiritual circles that the key to unlocking our deeper spiritual growth is to have an open heart.

“We must open our heart,” the mystics tell us, as if it’s easy as opening a well-sealed jar.

So off we go with a message that, depending upon the source, either seems confusing or ceases to give us the inspiration needed to stay the course when the jar remains sealed, when our hearts stay brittle.

However, our heart can open. When it does, we descend into darkness and eventually discovery a narrow road into the Light!

There has never been a time in history when the requirement for an open heart is more necessary. If we don’t find the narrow road to be completely loving and compassionate to our Earth and all sentient beings, then the end of life as we know it will be only a few short steps away.

And yet, here we are filled to the brim with worries and concerns, angst and loss. Many experience depression and financial challenges, not to mention the myriad of childhood wounds that closed the door — to varying degrees — to our heart many years ago.

Yet it is in these dark states of our being that we discover the portal to our greater selves. But let’s be clear. At the very time we are collectively experiencing the “Dark Night of our Souls,” never have we had such a tremendous ability to distract ourselves from that which ails us.

These distractions, as many of us well know, can keep us fogged in. We remain stuck.

As this heavy weight is falling upon us globally, and no one is being spared, we are being brought to a division in the road. We must decide: are we are all separate or we are all One?

This will come to us all differently, but be assured it will be packaged just for us.

For me, it happened in early February. I was alone at home, a major storm was saying its farewell, and I was about to take our senior dog out for his morning walkabout.

Suddenly I felt weak and light headed and decided to take my blood pressure, which has always been excellent. When I saw the upper number close to 200 I called 811, who then patched me into 911.

My life changed in that moment. 

I spent weeks in the hospital, in the cardiac unit. I knew for some time I had a stiff valve issue, which I think may have been hereditary, but it was being monitored and I certainly wasn’t ready to undergo this type of surgery.

However, I didn’t get to decide the time. My heart decided. The doctors decided.

I underwent open heart surgery for an aortic value replacement. It was a long complicated procedure and I had a top surgeon. Recovery took weeks.

As a firm believer in the connectedness of everything, I knew there was a reason my heart had to be “opened up.”

When I was growing up I wanted to be different from my family, so the roots of division, where there is a “them” and a “me,” were well cultivated. For reasons both personal and cultural, it became easy to see that division reflected in the mirror of the world. The closing over of the heart can always be attributed to the outside world — to those people, to that species, to any annoying fill-in-the-blank.

We are not conscious of that, of course, as we have all been well schooled in separating ourselves from the outside world. We have learned to blame others and outside circumstances for what we cannot fix in ourselves. 

But it is in that very consciousness that we get to make the changes needed not only to alter our own lives but also to co-create the necessary changes we desperately need now in our world. This is done by every choice we make, because every choice, whether conscious or not, has consequences.

As long as we continue to react to situations from our unhealed wounds, our unexamined lives, and our so-called personalities, the ones that are draped by the cloak of “that is just who I am,” the outcomes are always a response to our energy at the time we made the choice.

As we come to this realization and become more conscious about the choices we make, we begin to open our hearts.

This is not something we can just decide to do and then execute. The roots of our division from all things including our sacred selves run deep. The road is narrow. We must practice and learn to slow our conditioned responses.

We must learn to become compassionate toward ourselves, so that when we fail to make the better choice we know this is the reason to try again. We learn that this is not just about us, but about everything and everybody.

Even if we do this only within our family it can create seismic shifts that will ripple at first like the smallest of waves, growing ever larger upon the vast ocean that is our hearts, opening it ever wider to produce the energetic forces necessary to create the world we all want to embrace.

One moment I was taking the dog outside, the next I was an actor in a hospital drama.

This was not a choice I made but a narrow road I had to take. Now my choices are more conscious and the old wounds are healing.

There is no time but now.

There is no-one but us.

We are the Ones!

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  • Lynda Casey holds a master’s degree in Wisdom Studies. A cultural evolutionary, public speaker and playwright, she is creating a theatrical production called Feminine Rising. You can contact Lynda online to tell her how you became involved in a Spiritual Journey or to share your questions or comments:

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