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Create a healthy lifestyle by reflecting on your feelings.


How to create a healthy lifestyle

We have all lost someone in our lives. Whether it’s a friend, family member or  co-worker, it causes us to reflect on our own lives. It’s like a reset for our values. What’s important and what’s not.

We go through life experiencing the good and the bad. The good tells us what we want more of and the bad, less. You can look at life as a group of experiences. Each experience has its own set of feelings associated with it. For instance, when we travel we have feelings of discovery and excitement. We experience things because of the feeling we get from doing so.

Exercise and a healthy lifestyle create its own set of feelings. On the short term, they can range from feelings of pain to feeling high. Yet it has been proven scientifically that living healthier increases our overall sense of well-being. It’s the feelings of mindfulness, joy and stress relief that we get from healthy habits that are the real benefits.

Losing weight or shaping our bodies may be the initial motivation to become healthier, but as we continue our path to wellness we learn that these are just added benefits. In actuality, we become more seduced by the feelings we receive.

Endorphins are the chemicals that are released in our brain and bodies duringand after exercise. Among the strongest natural drugs our bodies produce, they affect our feelings and attitudes.

Don’t forget this and succumb only to the lure of the material or physical benefits of living a healthier lifestyle. You can be happier and more confident just through living a healthier lifestyle.

If life is a composition of feelings, then exercise and wellness is the music we can follow to create our own joy. You can accomplish anything by listening to your own song of wellness. Breathe. Feel. Most of all, activate happiness for yourself.

Keep reading and keep optimizing you!

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