Life is precious, but so are the people that make it so.

There are times in one’s life when a scare happens. I don’t mean the time where you almost rear ended someone, or when someone snuck up on you in the hallway. I mean those times when you experienced a “missed call.” A situation that caused your life to become seriously compromised or when you came this close to nearly losing something – or someone – you love.

I experienced this recently with a health scare involving my father. As we waited to hear how it would go, I felt like I aged five years in a matter of days. Everything that had been blurry suddenly came into sharp focus. Everything that I had previously agonized or worried about showed its true nature as being utterly miniscule. Nothing was as important as my father being well.

This scare taught me a life lesson…

I was never a “live in the moment” kind of gal. I am always living in the moment ahead. If I am in yoga, I am waiting for the next pose half way through the first. If there is a three course meal, I am thinking about the main course during the appetizer. I am driven and full of an almost hyper energy. While this energy has pushed me forward when I needed it, it has not allowed much opportunity to enjoy a certain moment; to truly savor my surroundings, to reflect on how I feel during a particular situation.

It was during my scare with my father that I learned to see that it was time to change this. To appreciate the moments that are filled with the precious people in my life. It is a guarantee these moments pass…that the next time together the moments won’t look the same and could be better or worse. Or, that the people filling those moments may not even be present next time or will have dramatically changed.

But no matter what, it is far better to enjoy the moments while they are here; to lavish the time while we have it. I am not just talking about special occasions like holidays and birthdays. I mean the most basic times what we all take for granted. Those seemingly insignificant times that eventually we look back on and realize we would give anything to experience again.

For me, it’s just hugging my father, or him bugging me to sing all the time…what are yours?

Figure them out. Write them down. Pledge to look at them differently. Commit to cherishing them. Accept that – no matter how mundane they may seem – it is these very moments you will want back the most.

Life is precious…but what makes it so are the people that share it with us; the people that give us the strength, guidance and love we need to survive the bleakness. Become a ‘moment person’ when you are with these people. Relish their presence, savor the most insignificant chats and linger when you say goodnight. Remember it is these people who define the best things in our lives.

I will close with a favorite line of mine from Keane:

“I think you know
Because it’s old news
The people you love
Are hard to find
So I think if I
Were in your shoes
I would be kind”

-Keane “Broken Toy.”

Enjoy your precious moments and the people that define them.


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