Live BETTER Tip #2: Go back to basics with food.

Choose real food more often.  This is a huge and very important tip.  There is no question in my mind –we are what we eat.  What we eat affects our mood, our energy, our weight and our health.  Food can be medicine – food can be a drug.

Food Basics to Eat Better:

–          Choose fresh vegetables and fruits (or frozen with no seasoning).  Veggies and Fruit should be the base of your diet. Eat them raw, cook them, add them to every dish you can.  Just eat them often and at every meal and snack.

–          Eat “whole grains” and grains that take longer to cook (cook up a bunch and freeze it to save time). A smaller amount will make you feel full as they have more fibre and take longer to digest.

–          Add protein – don’t forget about nuts, seeds and most importantly beans, lentils and chickpea. I encourage you to add a vegetarian meal at least once per week.  Especially one that incorporates beans, lentils and chickpeas.  They are packed with nutrients, protein and fibre!!

–          Enjoy healthy fats – they are good for you.  No need to go fat free.  Choose real salad dressings, cook with oil and enjoy.   Don’t go overboard though – keep the portions small.

Stay tuned for Tip #3 …

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