Surfers are a territorial bunch.

Try asking a surfer where their favourite spot to surf is, they will probably just give you a general area like “South Shore Nova Scotia”. Even in many surf magazines, the pictures are tagged “somewhere on the West coast of Canada”.

But starting September 29th through October 2nd, surfers from all across Canada will come together to take in the best in surf culture at the 2nd Annual Canadian Surf Film Festival (CSFF) in Halifax, NS.

“There’s a lot more to CSFF than just surf movies with music, a lot of the films touch on important subjects like poverty, mental illness and the environment and how lucky we are to be able to call ourselves surfers,” co-founder Yassine Ouhilal tells me.

“CSFF was a perfect way to connect members of the growing surf community and bring everyone together through an event that gives something back to people.”

I checked out the CSFF last year and wasn’t disappointed. Whether you are a surfer or not, you don’t want to miss this event. For more information and to buy tickets check out:

Here are a couple films that will be making an appearance on the big screen at this years CSFF:

Canvas Surfboards The Movie from George Trimm on Vimeo.

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