Marathon tips from the Blue Nose

John Stanton of The Running Room didn’t run the Blue Nose Marathon in Halifax this year, but he did stop by the OptiMYz Speakers Stage to provide tips to the runners, such as :

Don’t go out too fast. Make the middle third a smooth cruise. Pick it up over the last 10k.

To stop chafing cause by your clothing on long runs, use Body Glide

Drink 500 ml of water before the race, pee a half  hour before and then quit drinking. Take a  sip of water every 10 minutes during the race.

When you get tired repeat affirmations to yourself, such as: I am a well trained athlete, I am strong, I believe in myself. Think of people you know with severe health problems and use them as inspiration.

Celebrate your finish.

Drink a pint of chocolate milk after the race to help you recover.

If you need to, wait at least an hour and then soak in a hot bath to ease your aching muscles.

The marathon expo was a lot of fun with many exhibitors, including Aerobics First the shoe store and also the Trapline Marathon from Labrador that sent a contingent to the race. If you want to try a northern race in a rural setting, try the Trapline.

At the show I had brief chats with Gerry Walsh and Rod McCulloch, two running buddies who founded the event a few years ago. It just keeps growing.

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