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Menopause treatment scams and what to know

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Finally, yet still too slowly, we’re talking about menopause. Unfortunately, that also means nefarious people and scams are also growing. What we’re learning.

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While not necessarily a scam, laser vaginal treatment that is supposed to reduce the pain of intercourse and increase lubrication has been shown to just not work in a new study that wasn’t sponsored by a company. Unfortunately, some clinics in the UK and US are still offering it and we found a number across Canada, mostly in Ontario, who also offer the treatment.

It works by inserting a special probe into the vagina and burning the surface skin cells. The claim by those providing the service is that as new cells generate, it increases lubrication and helps relieve intercourse pain. But some women have experienced serious burns and ongoing pain. The comprehensive study carried out in Australia with 85 women showed that, after a year, there was no discernible difference between those treated and not treated. 

US regulator, the FDA is looking into the study and reports and are concerned for patient safety. If you’ve heard of this, perhaps do a little more homework before trying the treatment.

Another area we are seeing substantial growth in, as we at Optimyz continue to keep an eye on menopause, is special diets. There are several on the market now. While we wouldn’t call them scams at this point, it’s worth being cautious with the claims made. None of them have had any clinical studies and there is no science to back up their claims, such as detoxifying your body, which has little evidence of working. As they are sold as dietary programs it’s hard to shut them down. As with any dieting programs, do your research, talk to a dietary nutritionist, don’t just Google it!

Supplements and Menopause

The other industry offering a raft of new choices is supplements. While there has been proper scientific research on the value of supplements for women going through menopause, the key is the right ones and quality. We know that calcium and especially magnesium are key during this time. Quality is important here, and many kinds of supplements can be found on sites such as Amazon, eBay and other online marketplaces. Often, the best route to take is find the supplement manufacturer directly and buy from their website or a retailer. This way you can be assured of quality and not fakes that are difficult at best for places like Amazon or Shopify to evaluate. And the online market is being flooded with fakes and counterfeit goods.

It is also good to check with your doctor before taking supplements. Get your bloodwork done and find out where your deficiencies are. Menopause impacts each woman differently and where hormone therapy may work for one, it won’t work for another.

Scientists and medical professionals are only just starting to do more research into menopause and it’s an area we unfortunately, don’t understand well enough for women’s health. 

As menopause becomes more of an open topic and interest increases as more women in Canada and the Western world move into their 50’s, there are going to be a lot more suspect products and proposed treatments. Beware. Talk to your doctor, talk to gynaecologists, seek specialists don’t let Google or social media be your guide!

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