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The process of inflammation is actually a good thing. In theory. It is your body’s way to protect itself from unwanted invaders, like bacteria and viruses.

But here’s where it gets tricky.

In some diseases – like arthritis – this natural defence system (your immune system) triggers inflammation when there are no unwelcomed visitors to fend off.

These types of autoimmune diseases trick your body into thinking that your tissues are somehow under attack, causing damage and a lot of pain. 

Inflammation can be either short-term (acute) or can last a long time (chronic). Chronic inflammation can last for months or even years, long after that initial trigger is gone. That means chronic pain with very little you can do but tolerate it or medicate to numb it.

Tackling symptoms of inflammation – joint swelling, pain and stiffness – can be a life-long challenge. Treatments can include medication, exercise, diet and even surgery. The goal of the treatment is to control, correct and slow the disease process.

But if you’re looking to augment your pain management regimen, Enerex recommends Serrapeptase, a natural enzyme that effectively reduces pain, inflammation, as well as mucous build-up. 

Whether symptoms stem from injury, surgery, or disease such as arthritis or sinusitis, its action disrupts pain pathways and restores your body’s persistent inflammatory response to reduce swelling and improve circulation. This productive and efficient “miracle” enzyme can easily bring comfort and relief for better health.

Serrapeptase is an enzyme that breaks down or “digests” particles made of protein. Unlike some products, Serrapeptase is not grown on a dairy substrate, it is produced in a laboratory by the silkworm and is used to digest the mulberry leaves that they eat, but also to dissolve their hard, fibrous cocoons when they’re ready to become a moth.

The healing power of the silkworm

  • Relieves chronic pain by blocking the release of the body’s pain-inducing amines (natural chemicals) in inflamed tissue. 
  • Reduces inflammation by thinning the fluids formed from inflammatory conditions and helps the fluid to drain. This also speeds tissue repair. 
  • Breaks down dead or damaged tissue (without harming living tissue) dissolving the protein by-products 

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