If we operate with the premise that it is our mind that creates our Reality, then to command the mind is the magic that controls our destiny to any miraculous result—the colloquial “Law of attraction.”

Our health, finances, family and career are byproducts of our thoughts. It is first the imagined that grooms our actions that lead to a realistic results. So who changes this? Where do feelings and emotions interfere? How do we get to where we want to go?

Handle thought like a rapier in a fencing match. Feint, parry and thrust with delicate precision and learn to listen as if for the chime of a crystal bell borne on the soft winds from a hundred miles away.” – Anonymous

Step one is to focus your thoughts by writing down your dreams and loves. It is liberating to put your heart out there on a platter as the fertile soil for growth. This is yours to share, and let not anyone or anything tell you different. Your flashing billboard will attract others moving in the same direction.

Step two: understand that we create our own obstacles. Blame and shame unto others are for the weak. Strength is in knowing we are all connected by the same spirit and taking responsibility for our choices.

Eleanor Roosevelt said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your Consent.” I would like to expand on this thought: that others are brought to us to reflect our own insecurities so that we may learn. The perceived obstacles are our opportunities! Capture them!

Step three: Understand your emotions, embracing them as part of the path to find a balance. This is where the “body-mind work” of chiropractic, massage, yoga, energy healing, Qigong, acupuncture, and psychology are helpful in releasing stored unresolved emotion for processing. The body is the temple of our mind and heart so it holds the past, present and the future. What you have not loved, recognized in yourself and are grateful for, you will wear in stagnant energy or disease. You must see it all perfect just as it is.

Let’s review. We have our soul map of what we love and the direction we are travelling to the future. We understand processes that release emotions in the body and mind to bring clarity and grace in this moment. Liberation, learning, love and growth in ourselves and in our world—is This not the miracle we all seek?


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