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Mother Nature’s 3 best weight-loss nutrients

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Our world has been blessed with three powerful weight-loss compounds. Unfortunately, it has taken thousands of years to figure this out. When Socrates said, “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food,” he was certainly on to something!

Natural Weight Loss Compounds

Compound No. 1 is raspberry ketones, a naturally occurring compound that gives red raspberries their sweet aroma. This powerful weight-loss compound naturally stimulates fatty acid oxidation. This is just a fancy way of saying that it allows your body to burn stored body fat more easily. In fact, in a human clinical study on a specific raspberry ketone called Razpberi-K®, subjects taking this compound shifted from carbohydrate oxidation to fatty acid oxidation much faster. Over time, this effect shrinks fat cells by decreasing the amount of stored body-fat.

Compound No. 2 is a component found in raw green coffee beans: chlorogenic acids and isomer of chlorogenic acid. When this compound is isolated and concentrated, it has powerful weight-loss properties. It works by decreasing carbohydrate absorption in the small intestine while also decreasing circulating glucose in the bloodstream. It is these two effects that encourage your body to use stored fat for energy. In a double-blind, placebo-controlled study on a specific type of green coffee bean extract called SVETOL®, test subjects taking SVETOL before their two largest meals lost an average of 11 pounds and 33% of subjects actually lost 14 pounds. This was over 100% more weight loss than the control group that did not take SVETOL®!

Compound No. 3 is found in the seeds of African Mango fruit. The albumin proteins found in this seed have been found to promote weight loss. First, the compound helps to increase satiety, decreasing your desire to overeat. Second, it improves insulin sensitivity, which helps decrease the circulating blood glucose that is essential for the fat-burning process. Last, it blocks an enzyme that converts carbohydrate to fat. In a double-blind, placebo-controlled study on WellTrim iG® — the only African Mango seed extract to be studied in humans – dramatic weight loss was shown. In fact, the average weight loss over a 10 week period was 28 pounds. Subjects also showed improved cholesterol levels and lower inflammatory markers reinforcing, its ability to promote health.

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