You have big things planned for the year. Here are 67 tips to get you started!

January 1 Stretch, relax and meditate.

January 2 Head to the gym and work cardio, chest and abs.

January 3 Eat extra clean and be mindful. Head to the gym and work your back (lats) and stretch.

January 4 Take a class or try something new today.

January 5 Arm day!  Blast your bis and tris. Make sure you do skull crushers.

January 6 It’s Friday.Relax today and indulge a little.

January 7 Go for a walk today and get your heart rate up.

January 8 Hit the gym hard and work your legs.

January 9 Focus on your breathing. Take deep breaths from the belly. Time to work your lower back (hyperextensions).

January 10 Are you taking fish oil? If not, look into it. The benefits are tremendous. Do abs today.

January 11 Be grateful for what you have. Time to work your chest (chest flies) and get a sweat going.

January 12 Push the envelope on cardio. Try and get your heart rate up!

January 13 Make sure you are eating vegetables and fruits. Get some probiotics inside your yogurt. Oh and do calves today.

January 14
Today is your day to pick. What do you want to do?

January 15 “Is there a veterinarian around because these puppies are sick!” If you haven’t figured it out, it’s arm day.

January 16 Take today off if you feel like it and veg a bit.

January 17 Legs of steel day. Go and pump those tree trunks. Make sure you stretch.

January 18 Are you laughing enough? Lighten up, have some fun. Today try skipping rope or something new that gets a sweat going.

January 19 Back time. Let’s work your back today. Try pullovers.

January 20 Let’s see if you can get outdoors for some activity. If not, stretch and do abs.

January 21 Chew your food slowly. Taste every morsel. Go for a bike or run.

January 22 Try meditating today. Meditate means to self heal.

January 23 Shoulders are what we will work today. We haven’t done them yet!

January 24 Take today off from exercising and have some fun.

January 25 Read a good book. Do arms. Enough said.

January 26 Try a kettlebell workout.

January 27 Time for back muscles today.

January 28 Keep a log of your progress. The experts say this will keep you on track.

January 29 Also keep track of what you generally eat each day. It sure helps!

January 30 Let’s have a major leg workout today.

January 31 Shoulders. Make sure you get a trainer to show you how to work the rear head of your shoulders.

February 1 Flex time. You may not be a body builder, but try standing in the mirror and flexing your muscles. Harder than you think!

February 2 Abs again.

February 3 Apple of my eye. Eat apples. They clean your insides.

February 4 Work your traps. Shrug it off by doing shrugs.

February 5 Get angry. Try Tae Kwon Do or a Body Combat class. Release the stress!

February 6 Try a routine with a partner today.

February 7 Take a day off. You deserve it.

February 8 Have a class today or do something fun outdoors that involves activity.

February 9 Have you tried doing dips? Try them today and work your triceps.

February 10 Are you drinking enough water? Make sure you hydrate!

February 11 Jump up and get down. Work calves: make sure you do some seated calf raises to work your soleus.

February 12 Try a TRX class!

February 13 Time to get moving today. Let’s do some serious cardio.

February 14 Valentine’s Day. Go for a nice meal and enjoy!

February 15
Now that you have eaten, let’s do a full ab routine (lower, side, upper).

February 16 Cook a special meal today. Plus work your shoulders.

February 17 Do something fun today. Play a game. Do abs.

February 18 Arm your self with a barbell. It’s arms day and time to do preacher curls.

February 19 Let’s get wet with sweat. Push your self hard with cardio of your choice.

February 20
Time to rumble with floor exercises: ball sit ups, plank and push ups.

February 21 Half your body are legs. Let’s work them today.

February 22 It’s hump day. Take today off but eat extra veggies.

February 23
Take a class if you can today!

February 24
Act up!  Imagine your best body. Now go for it!

February 25
Make sure you are working your core and lower back.

February 26 Take a yoga class. If you haven’t done it, it’s harder than you think!

February 27 Go for a run. Outside or treadmill. Choice is yours.

February 28 Get inspired, watch an old Rocky or inspirational movie.

February 29 Try kicking and punching for 15 minutes. Oh yeah!

March 1 Don’t be modest. Look in the mirror. Your hard work is paying off. Now do abs.

March 2 Back it up! Do back today. Make sure you do bent over rows.

March 3 Are you seeing the big picture? Stand tall and proud. Stretch today.

March 4 It’s Sunday. Relax today. You are doing great.

March 5 Monday means metabolism day. Increase activity as much as you can. Park far away. Take the stairs and burn it up!

March 6 Do abs again today.

March 7 You did it. This will be a great year for you. It will be your best year ever!


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