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The Human Library Organization encourages you to “unjudge someone”

Photo by Guilherme Ferrari from Pexels

Who do we go to libraries? To find stories that can transport and teach us — that will inspire and change us. We are looking for opportunities to experience someone else’s life. 

Well, one organization in Denmark allows you to do just that – without cracking a single book.

At the Human Library in Denmark, you can “borrow” people instead of books for a half an hour at a time. The “books” are people that don’t necessarily fit into society’s mainstream: minorities, refugees, those with genetic or psychological disorders, different sexual orientations or physical disabilities.

The aim is to have open communication and to combat prejudice. The Human Library encourages people to challenge their own preconceived notions—to truly get to know, and learn from, someone they might otherwise make a snap judgement about. According to its website, The Human Library is “a place where difficult questions are expected, appreciated and answered.”

The Human Library Organization was created in Copenhagan by brothers Ronni and Dany Abergel and began as a four-day event during a major Northern European festival. The goal was to raise awareness about violence among youth. The event was a huge success and the organization has been gaining momentum ever since.

Though there are a few permanent human libraries, most aren’t places at all, but events. Though many do take place at physical libraries, you don’t need a library card—anyone can come and be part of the experience. 

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