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Going to the doctor regularly to do blood work is a must. A lot of the time, our bodies lack minerals and what better way to find out what minerals our bodies are missing than a trip to the doctor’s office?

Calcium is an essential mineral in the body that helps teeth and bones stay strong. If our body lacks calcium, our bones become weak causing bone diseases, like osteoporosis.

Going to the pharmacy or any grocery store gives you access to calcium pills, which is the easy route that people tend to take.

Potential side effects

Something that a lot of people may not know, is that calcium pills can have dangerous side effects. According to a study conducted by Harvard Health Publishing, these can happen when calcium begins to build up in our bodies, which can increase our chances of getting heart attacks and breast cancer. Not to mention, a lot of people can’t swallow pills, which can also result in nausea, indigestion, bloating and constipation. In other words, the calcium pill you’re taking may be harming you more than it is benefiting you. So why not save your health and your money?

Aside from milk, cheese and eggs, which are known to be a vital source of calcium, there are other options. Calcium-fortified foods contain the calcium your body requires to help you increase the amount of calcium in your body.

Calcium pill alternatives

Calcium-fortified water
Water is an essential part of our day. We are supposed to be drinking from two to three litres of water per day. For people who need calcium, Sanfaustino water is a great alternative for water, as it contains 450 mg of calcium.

Calcium-fortified orange juice
Aside from milk, which many people are sensitive to. There are other ways to get your calcium, especially if you’re lactose intolerant. Calcium-fortified orange juice is a great option! Most orange juices in grocery stores have added calcium in them. An eight-ounce glass can contain between 300 and 350mg of calcium carbonate. Read the label carefully to find out how much calcium is in each serving.

Calcium-fortified chocolate
Calling all chocolate lovers! There are different chocolate products that have calcium in them. For example, one piece of Adora, organic dark chocolate contains 500mg of calcium carbonate. Keep your eye out for other chocolate brands with added calcium!

Canned sardines
Canned sardines are a great source of calcium and they are easy to find. For each 100mg of sardines there contains about 382mg of calcium carbonate.


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