The Stavrou Method, a Toronto based company that specializes in a holistic approach to health and fitness, has begun donating 20% of their profits to help support organizations that promote wellness in the community. The company hopes to reach the goal of $100,000 donated during 2013.

George Stavrou, the owner and president of The Stavrou Method who has been in the business of health and fitness for over 20 years, tells us that: “I came to realize that wellness is much more than just the physical; it’s also the emotional and fiscal wellbeing that’s essential to living well.”

Stavrou, who has been helping people fulfill their fitness needs since high school, helped select the four organizations that would receive the funding: York University, The Scarborough Hospital Foundation, Centennial College and the YMCA.

“If not for my education at both York University and Centennial College, I would not be where I am today,” he says. Both institutes received funding for yearly scholarships named for Stavrou’s father and grandparents. The Stavrou and Rombis Healthy Living Scholarship will be given to students enrolled within the Faculty of Health and the Stavrou and Rombis Creative Arts Scholarship given to a student at Centennial College in the School of Communications, Media and Design.

George Stavrou lost his father to colon cancer, spreading to his prostate, liver, kidneys and eventually to his bones. During each hospital visitation, Stavrou’s father stayed at the Scarborough Hospital. “The staff at TSH made each stay a comfortable one,” says Stavrou. The Scarborough Hospital Foundation became another recipient of donations because, while utilities and salaries are covered by the government, equipment upgrades are not. This makes a huge impact on the effectiveness of a hospital.

The YMCA was the last organization to be given funding, where the Stavrou and Rombis Healthy Living Fund was made to give individuals in the greater Toronto area easier access to YMCA facilities. “It is my way of having the memory of my father and grandparents live on while raising funds for children and youth to live a healthier and well-rounded lifestyle,” says Stavrou.

By donating to organizations that promote wellness, the hope is that — with these extra funds — those organizations will continue to educate people on how to be healthy or give them a chance to do so.

As a self-described Holistic Life Coach, Stavrou has seen people walk their way into unhealthiness because of not lack of knowledge about how to keep their body healthy. In recent years, Canadians have not been getting their required exercise per day. As few as 15% of adult Canadians get the recommended 20 minutes a day, with youth coming in at a mere 9% meeting minimum levels. This puts a huge amount of people at risk of serious health issues.

Stavrou, who is also a certified Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant – as well as a Certified Personal Trainer – recognizes the power of learning these lessons early. Prevention of disease through exercise and diet is the most effective form of disease reduction. “Teach children and youth the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle to ensure that they grow up to become healthy adults,” he says.

George Stavrou is the owner and president of The Stavrou Method and a best-selling author, with a #1 selling E-book on, How YOU Can Sculpt A Leaner, Healthier Body In 12 Weeks: A Guide For Beginners!. He is also the best-selling co-author of Wake Up Live The Life You Love, featuring Deepak Chopra, Mark Victor Hansen and Wayne Dyer.

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