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The Most Important Nutrient Discovery of Our Time

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There is one law of nature we can never fool, and that is the law of synergy. You see, nature never works in isolation. This is the major difference between isolated synthetically derived vitamin formulas and a plant’s nutrients that are always in the company of their many cofactors, all of which help the nutrients perform their jobs to their highest capacity.

What if you could supplement with nutrients that were derived straight from the plant kingdom and available in a form your body actually craves? Well you can! Geologists have discovered a handful of extremely rare, and very rich, organic deposits in several locations around the globe. These deposits of humic and fulvic acid come from the decomposed and fossilized remains of prehistoric rain forests that existed millions of years ago when the earth was actually pristine.    

Why would you want to take humic and fulvic acid as a supplement?

Humic and fulvic acids are completely natural. They are the final breakdown products from plant material and are 100% organic — even though they contain most, if not all, the trace minerals. By consuming natural, organically bound minerals, the body recognizes them as a food source and instantly uses them to enhance all cell life.

Consuming a humic and fulvic acid supplement purely for the organic trace minerals would be reason enough, but research has found many more reasons to consume humic and fulvic acids. 

For instance, humic acids are also comprised of powerful biochemicals, supercharged antioxidants, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, probiotics, prebiotics, and carbon. Humic and fulvic acids can help modulate the immune system, protect the body from fungal and bacterial infections, lower excess inflammation, increase the absorption of beneficial nutrients, support optimal detoxification (especially of  heavy metals), support cellular energy and even block viruses.

As you can see, a viable humic and fulvic acid supplement can prove to be most useful as a strong preventative agent, as well as a powerful and safe therapeutic one. In a world where we are bombarded by viruses, microbes, fungi and food that is all but void of nutrients essential to health, humic and fulvic acids may just be what the body has been asking for.

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Author: Brad King is an occasional writer for OptiMyz Magazine and is president of LeafSource, a Canadian supplement company.


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