Late summer-early fall in Nova Scotia is magic. On recent weekends my family hiked to a falls above our summer place near Parrsboro on the Bay of Fundy. My son Ben and my niece Laura and I swam in the pool. The water was cold. Ben jumped off the rocks into the frigid water!

The next weekend Ben and I walked up the little river to the falls. With walking sticks plucked from the shore, we hiked for about two hours, mostly striding in the shallow stream. The water was low after two months of little rain. Eventually we made it to the falls. There had been a few days of rain and more water cascaded over the falls since the time before. There was a shimmer of mist and for some reason the water in the pool was not as cold.

We climbed up along the roped slope to the top and found another path that took us higher up to the top of the cliff. It was a hot, still day and we were alone with nature–one of those magic moments. We walked out via a dirt road and then on the two-lane blacktop to the cottage. It was time to stay out of the sun for the rest of the afternoon. We watched the tide roll in over the flats.

Our little adventure was just off the beaten path. Walking up the stream bed made it extra special. We saw a huge wasps’ nest hanging over the river. Eventually the grey sky turned blue and the sun peered above the canopy of trees. We had walked about 6km upstream. My legs could feel it at the end of the day.

A couple of weeks later the drought broke. Nova Scotia has had near-record rains in September. The falls must be a torrent now.

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