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The latest digital dating lingo

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When it comes to dating in the digital age, it can be hard to keep up with the latest terms like “scrooging” and “ghosting.” Here’s our quick guide to online dating language!

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Have you heard that Facebook is about to roll out a dating service? Oh yeah. A whole new way to creep potential dates. Is it cool? We won’t really know until it comes out in Canada, likely sometime next year. In the meantime, here’s some key digital dating terminology you’ll want to know!

Scrooging: This is when you break up with your partner just before Christmas so you don’t have to buy them a gift and then after the new year, you like, call them back up to get back together. Sigh.

Ghosting: This one’s been around a couple years now. Basically, you go on a date, everything seems cool. You send them a text…nothing back. Ever. You’ve been ghosted!

Breadcrumbing: This is seriously crummy and well, cowardly too. You have a date or maybe a few, but instead of not responding to your texts, they send very non-committal comments to you. Like “hey, what’s up?” but never actually try to set up a date. This might be someone kinda version of leaving the door open…so slam it shut and block ‘em!

Orbiting: Basically, it’s creeping. You have some dates, then they disappear, but unlike ghosting, they keep an eye on your social media profiles. Hard to tell if they have checked your Facebook or Twitter account, but you can check them on Instagram or Snapchat. Instead of being anxious, just block the heck out of them!

Firedooring: This is the one for the narcissist you meet! They text you, but don’t respond to your texts, unless it’s agreeing to a hook up time. It’s one way, like a firedoor. So, leave that door closed and don’t open it.

Submarining: You’ve dated for a while, then they disappear…only to pop up a little later and expect to pick right back up again! We say…launch torpedoes!

Kittenfishing: Kinda like catfishing, but this is for losers. It’s the person that well, fudges reality. Like lying about their weight or using a pic from a decade ago on their profile. You meet them and you’re like “are you related to so and so?” Time to hit the delete button!

There’s a lot to keep up with these days and it’s not easy. So if you’re heading out into the dating world or you’re already there, maybe just go for a genuine first date in person and don’t text too much beforehand. Or right after. Sometimes a little anticipation can go a long way!

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