OptiMYz Live Health Expo — You can change your life

OptiMYz Live Health Expo 2011 rocked Exhibition Park in Halifax, NS in mid-January. It’s OptiMYz magazine brought to life: health, fitness, adventure, nutrition and the mind. Pro footballer, TV star, stuntman and fitness guru Tommy Europe pushed the crowd through the pain barrier in what was a fitness milestone for most. He uses charm as a weapon. Gotta keep up with Tommy!

You learned the latest fitness techniques blended in with martial arts and dance, how to eat healthy (including keep your hormones in balance–the body’s control system), what to take on your next adventure travel trip, how to build your confidence and self esteem, set life goals using the methods of a pro athlete, and discover what to wear at the fitness fashion show.  More products and services on display that you could take in. It all merged together. My take: everyone wants to live better, live stronger and healthier. Incremental changes in several areas of your life can add up quickly.  An inspirational and yet attainable package.

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