OptiMYz Speakers’ Corner @ the Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon

Get ready for your next race at OptiMYz Speakers’ Corner May 19 at the Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon in Halifax, NS


1:00 John Stanton, Founder of the Running Room
Race Day Tips

Find out key valuable tips from Canada’s running expert. John Stanton will give you proven winning ideas to enhance your race both physically and mentally.  This is a must see for all runners!

2:00 Cathy Grad, GoodLife Fitness Level 3 Trainer
Deep Muscle Relief For Runners

Cathy is one of OptiMYz Magazine’s favourite contributors. Cathy will show you how to stretch, repair and nourish those muscles before and after the race and get you set and ready to go for the next one! Cathy explains how using the latest techniques that can make you feel better and release the pain.

2:30 Krista Leck Merner, Bent Fork Nutrition
Nutrition for the Big Day

Krista will make sure you are fueled to the finish! A registered dietician, Krista is a member of both the Nova Scotia Dietetic Association and Dietitians of Canada. Combined with her personal passion for health and wellness and her desire to help others adopt this lifestyle, she has helped hundreds of clients achieve success!

3:00 Dr. Richard Thompson, Owner Active Approach Chiropractic Clinic
Pain in the Hip: Prevention and Treatment of Common Running Injuries

Dr. Thompson is a leader in (ART) Active Release Techniques and will help stop your hip pain and make you run free. Dr. Thompson’s patients include many runners and athletes.

3:30 Ryan McDonald, Running Mind Expert
Running with the Mind of Meditation

“Running with the Mind of Meditation” offers fresh insights into the activities of meditation and running, and the ways our running experience can be dramatically enhanced by working with the principles of meditation.

4:00 Jeff Walsh, Co-Owner Nova Physiotherapy
NEW! 3D Gait Analysis

Nova Physiotherapy brings 3D Gait Analysis to the Maritimes – the most scientific approach to running analysis available anywhere will help us get to the root cause of your injury and add years to your running. This is for anyone from beginner to elite.

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