My training is going extremely well. I had one of my best-ever training camps in Florida this winter. I have been feeling much better in terms of fitness and recovery. I think some of the tools that I have been using this year in my training have really panned out thus far.

One of the most helpful tools is the GPS unit with heartrate capability. It is great for monitoring my exertion so that it matches the intended intensity for a session, the speed that my boat is moving, and my recovery rate.

I have recently started using a drink product called E Load, which is similar to gatorade, but I find it is much more neutral on the stomach and helpful to maintain hydration during sessions.

In terms of overall training and fitness, I have been just trying to really stay on top of keeping my body in one piece. I ue physio treatment and massage, and chiro if necessary to keep things in working order, and also ice and heat for a neck that acts up sometimes. I also try and stretch quite frequently.

During weights workouts I work through a variety of shoulder exercises at the beginning or every session to strengthen my shoulders, as they are probably the most susceptible part of my body to injury given my sport.

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