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When your life is threatened you can find ways to heal by embracing adversity.

Book review

“Unshakable to the Core”

by Joscelyn Duffy

To embrace life in its entirety means that we inevitably face and overcome challenge; though every hardship comes hand in hand with an underlying opportunity to unveil our true strength and wisdom. In even the toughest of times, we each have within us what we need to overcome and grow. How we face the circumstances of our lives is ultimately about choice. While never easy, adversity has the potential to be a powerful catalyst for new perspective and positive change. 

Unshakable to the Core by Joscelyn Duffy will inspire you with the heartfelt story of a young woman faced with a severe illness. Where do you turn and how do you react when everything you knew in life was seemingly swept away from you in an instant, and you come face to face with a debilitating and life-threatening illness? How do you rediscover calm within the chaos and live joyfully in the moment?

For Joscelyn Duffy, the answer was to turn within and embrace every facet of the biggest challenge of her life. What unfolds is a portrayal of the limitless potential that emerges when we trust in our unshakable inner strength and wisdom. It is a force that burns endlessly within each of us, guiding us to full healing. This book provides the principles and personal anecdotes to unleash it within yourself. 

Excerpt from Unshakable to the Core:

Falling ill with lupus nephritis was easily encapsulated in a simple analogy: The entire journey was much like unexpectedly receiving a package containing the parts of a thousand-piece puzzle. I had not expected it to come my way, and I most definitely did not expect a challenge so complex.

At first, I was uncertain whether I had the skills and patience to work through such a huge puzzle and put everything back together. It took much longer than expected to get through it, pursuing as my energy and insight allowed. There were times when a piece didn’t seem to fit and I had to ask for the assistance of others. There were also times when I would be flooded with intuitive guidance and several pieces would effortlessly fall into place. With the help of those assisting, I made progress organically over time.

Piece by piece, the puzzle fell into place. I had no idea what to expect when lupus was thrust upon me, though I sat in amazement of the final picture. It seemed as though everything was meant to fall apart and be handed to me, so that I may reconstruct the pieces into an image of unimaginable proportions. It was like emerging from the eye of the storm once everything had calmed and realizing that all along, I had within the wisdom, knowledge, strength and intuition to work through even the most challenging of circumstances. I was the simplicity and joy, compassion and understanding, calm and inspired action in a myriad of chaos. It is who I am. It is my Unshakable Core. 

About Joscelyn

Joscelyn Duffy is a writer, ghostwriter and motivational speaker. As a former financial educator for Fortune 500 companies, her path has been grounded in a passion for identifying and communicating simplicity amidst chaos and flux. That same awareness and skill became her foundation for healing from lengthy illness. Fusing her life journey with her strengths as a writer and speaker, Joscelyn offers powerful principles and perspectives to discover calm, clarity and confidence in any circumstance. Her clients include internationally acclaimed award-winning speakers and visionaries, and her writing and stage presence is inspiring thousands. |


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