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Practicing your best life

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Good career? Check. Morning workout? Check. Eating healthy? Check. But something is still missing— sometimes, it takes a little more to feel fulfilled and satisfied. CEO of Metrus Group, Dr. William A. Schiemann, interviewed over 100 successful people to find out how to attain this feeling we all strive for.

A Guide to living better every day

Here are the top five things his research found that fulfilled people do on a daily basis at both work and home to bring about that satisfaction.

1. Have strong values—and stick to them

They ensure their values are consistent and reflective of their work, environment and social life. Having contrary beliefs can be debilitating.

2. Practice resilience

They are able to bounce back from adversity and focus on long-term goals while dealing with the many setbacks that arise in life. They see these situations as growth opportunities.

3. Take risks

They are able to see the big picture and take risks in order to advance to the next stage in their careers and life. If they fail, they’re not defeated.

4. Have a strong network

They keep in touch with their social circles including friends and colleagues. They also continue to build their network. Connections are key to job promotions, finding life partners and more.

5. Give back

They share their skills and experiences by serving with non-profits or acting as mentors.

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