The PURICA difference

PURICA is a Canadian-owned and operated company that literally strives to help people optimize their lives. That’s because the PURICA vision is a world where you can achieve your fullest potential in every aspect of life, work and play.

Inspired by nature and backed by science, all of us at PURICA are committed to creating new horizons in health and wellness by empowering you with the finest whole foods, supplements and lifestyle solutions. We aspire to live our mantra each and every day, making PURICA all about Nature. Science. You.


Your body is your castle

Your body is your castle. Keeping your immune system strong and healthy is important.


The powerhouse anti-inflammatory

Curcumin is a powerhouse when it comes to inflammation in the body. Discover how it can benefit you!


Differences in inflammation

The difference between chronic and acute inflammation and the best supplements to help you.


What is inflammation?

Many diseases, including osteoarthritis (“arthritis”), have their origins in the inflammatory process.

PURICA TrimActiv®

Healthy Weight Management

A powerful plant-based formula that works by enhancing the body’s metabolism and ability to process dietary sugars and burn fat and lessen fatigue.

  • Suppresses hunger pangs
  • Reduces likelihood of blood sugar spikes
  • Enhances the body’s metabolism and ability to process dietary sugars and burn fat


Dive into our best-sellers in medicinal mushrooms, wellness formulations and dietary supplements.

Poweful Immune Support

Stress Relief & Immune Support

Menopause relief

Nature. Science. You. 

Join Fitness Coach and RHN Melissa Blair from Fitlicious in the first of a series of PURICA Fitness Videos.

A Calming Breath Of Fresh Air
Peaceful guided yoga class from PURICA and NAMASTE Hiking Co.

PURICA Zensations Evening Calm.

A Lower Body Workout That Powers the Total Body

Total Body Workout

Stretching to Help Relax and Recover

A note to our readers from OptiMYz – CORRECTION
In the description for PURICA Immune 7 in the Products section on page 87 of the print edition of the 1301 April/May 2020 issue of OptiMYz Magazine, the terms “cold” and “flu” were incorrectly inserted at  the editing stage. We acknowledge this does not reflect the PURICA product description and OptiMYz accepts full responsibility for the error.