Question: Is What you are Doing Today Benefiting your Tomorrow?

This past weekend I attended a BBQ party. As much as I enjoy people, I usually avoid parties because a lot of people like to drink to excess at parties. I’ll have a social drink, but I will never drink excessively; it’s just not a choice I would make for myself. One of the reasons why is because it would interfere with my priority to be healthy. It would also slow down my tomorrow.

We all need to escape life sometimes and to ease the pressure and stress. Some people chose fitness, others choose parties like the one I attended on Saturday. But the purpose is the same: it’s something to put energy into, something to distract ourselves with. But it’s easy to take something that makes us feel good in the moment – like food or alcohol – and over do it.

The paradox in my life was that I loved fitness and teaching too much. I took something positive to the extreme and over trained. Exercising and teaching a lot was positive in the moment, but it wasn’t positive long term. Now, with everything in my life, I try to think long term. How will a certain thing I do, or a certain behavior I have, affect me five years from now?

Do you have something in your life that might be good in the moment, but not necessarily good for the long term? If so, take a moment to consider the following:

  • Are you sure what you love to do is benefiting you on a holistic level? Holistic means affecting all parts of your life in a positive, healthy way – not just in the moment. A good example is how you feel as you consume alcohol or chocolate. It feels great in the moment, but how will your body feel tomorrow?
  • How will the choices you make today impact you positively years from now? For example, how would overeating possibly impact you five years from now?
  • Is there an area in your life you know you could do better in? This could be anything from giving up a bad habit, to improving your attitude toward something. If so, now consider how your life would be five years from now if you choose to improve now.

A good first step would be to try to be healthy today. Not just with exercise or food, but also in your thinking and behavior. Think about what healthy would look like and try to be it.

And remember: you can always make a positive change or a different choice. Do it today.


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